High School Developmental


High School Developmental Program

Class Information

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advance

Grade Level: 6th – 10th Grade

Day & Time

Sunday Evenings: 5:30-6:20pm


Fall Sessions

Fall 1: September 11 – October 30

Fall 2: November 6 – December 18 (Fall 2 is 6 weeks long)

Winter Sessions

Winter Session 1: January 8 – February 26

Winter Session 2: March 5 – April 30 (No class April 16)

Spring Session

Spring Session: May 7 – June 18 (No class May 28, 6 week session)

Summer Session

Summer Session: July 9 – August 27

Session Breakdown

5:30-5:40pm: Warm-Up
5:40-5:55pm: Skills Emphasis
5:55-6:10pm: Flow Drills
6:10-6:20pm: Small Area Games/ Scrimmaging

Class Summary

The High School Developmental sessions are designed like an In-House Program.  The sessions will be structured like middle/high school team and then a full ice scrimmages/games will be integrated into the 8 week sessions.


8 Week Session: $110.00

6 Week Session: $85.00

Walk-On Per Session: $15.00

High School Developmental Jersey Fee: $15*

*After the second week, we divide the players up into two teams for drills and games.  One team will wear black and the other team will wear yellow.  Jersey will be fore sale on the Front Desk.