Learn To Play Hockey

Lean to Play Hockey Class Information

Skill Level: New/Beginner/Intermediate


Ages: 4 years old and older

Day & Time

Sunday Afternoon: 3:00-3:50pm

Class Summary: The Learn to Play Hockey session is designed to improve young players skating skills while also developing their basic hockey skills.


8 Week Session: $125.00

7 Week Session: $110.00

Walk-On Per Session: $20.00



Fall Session:

September 10 – October 29

Winter Sessions:

Winter 1:  November 5 – December 17 (7 week  long Session)

Winter 2:  January 7 – February 25

Spring Sessions:

Spring 1:  March 4 – April 29 (No class April 1)

Spring 2:  May 6 – June 24 (7 week  long Session, No Class May 28)

Summer Session:

 July 8 – August 26

Session Breakdown

3:00-3:10: Warm-Up/Game
3:10-3:25: Skating Emphasis
3:25-3:40: Hockey Skills Emphasis
3:40-3:50: Game or Scrimmage

Learn to Play: Phase 1 – 4 Progression Program

Phase 1: Curriculum equivalent up to Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills 1 or Hockey 1.

  • Falling and Recovery
  • Proper hockey stance with and without a hockey stick
  • Forward push and two foot guide
  • Forward swizzles
  • Forward stationary stop
  • Transition: front to back and back to front
  • Backwards wiggles and starting swizzles
  • Can pass stationary, starting to pass while moving

Phase 2: Curriculum equivalent up to Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills 4 or Hockey 2.

  • All of Phase 1 requirements completed
  • Alternating forwards c-cuts on a straight line
  • Alternation backward c-cuts on a straight line
  • Backwards snowplow stop
  • Two-foot moving snowplow
  • Hockey Skills: moving passing and proper wrist shot

Phase 3: Curriculum equivalent up to Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills 6 or Hockey 3.

  • All of Phase 1 & 2 requirements completed
  • One-foot snowplow stop-introduce hips with 1/4 turn twist to hockey stop
  • Forwards outside edge half circles (large C’s), alternating feet on the short or long axis of the rink
  • Backward C-cuts (1/2 swizzle pumps) on a circle, both directions
  • Full strides using 45 degree v-push with good recovery using alternating arm drive
  • Shuffle stride-explosive powerful alternating heel pushes
  • Hockey Skills: passing, stick-handling, wrist shot and backhand

Phase 4: Curriculum equivalent up to Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills 8 or Hockey 4.

  • All of Phase 1 – 3 elements have been fluent in movement
  • Quick starts using forward v-start
  • Backward one-foot glide, right and left
  • Forward crossovers (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • Backward crossovers (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • Hockey stop (stopping to the left and to the right, with speed)
  • Bonus Skills: Forward to backward mohawk pivots (both directions, right and left) from powerful, full strides

Full Equipment is Required

Equipment List: hockey bag, helmet, neck guard, mouth guard, elbow pads, gloves, shorts (jock/jill), hockey pants, shin pads, hockey socks, skaters, hockey stick, and hockey tape for the stick.

Program Benefits

  • USA Hockey Emphasized Curriculum
  • 1 Free Public Session for practice per week offered Sunday 4:00-5:20pm
  • Hockey skate rental if needed


Contact John Desmond at 724-334-4423, or click HERE to email for further information

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