Pittsburgh Ice Arena Learn To Play Hockey Class (Ages 4-12)

Pittsburgh Ice Arena Learn to Play Hockey Program Info

Skill Level: New/Beginner/Intermediate


Ages: 4 to 12 year olds and class is split into groups based on skill level

Day & Time

Sunday Afternoon: 3:00-3:50pm

Class Summary: The Learn to Play Hockey session is designed to improve young players skating skills while also developing their basic hockey skills.  Classes are broken down into groups based on skill level.


8 Week Session: $125.00

7 Week Session: $110.00

Walk-On Per Session: $20.00


Fall Sessions:

Fall 1:  September 9 – October 28
Fall 2:  November 4 – December 23

Winter Sessions:

Winter 1 : January 6 – February 24
Winter 2 : March 3 – April 14 (7 week class)

Spring Session:

April 28 – June 23
(No Class May 28)

Summer Session:

July 7 – August 25


Session Breakdown

3:00-3:10: Skating Emphasis
3:10-3:25: Skills Emphasis
3:25-3:50: Game or Scrimmage

Learn to Play: Phase 1 – 4 Progression Program

Phase 1: Curriculum equivalent up to Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills 1 or Hockey 1.

  • Falling and Recovery
  • Proper hockey stance with and without a hockey stick
  • Forward push and two foot guide
  • Forward swizzles
  • Forward stationary stop
  • Transition: front to back and back to front
  • Backwards wiggles and starting swizzles
  • Can pass stationary, starting to pass while moving

Phase 2: Curriculum equivalent up to Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills 4 or Hockey 2.

  • All of Phase 1 requirements completed
  • Alternating forwards c-cuts on a straight line
  • Alternation backward c-cuts on a straight line
  • Backwards snowplow stop
  • Two-foot moving snowplow
  • Hockey Skills: moving passing and proper wrist shot

Phase 3: Curriculum equivalent up to Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills 6 or Hockey 3.

  • All of Phase 1 & 2 requirements completed
  • One-foot snowplow stop-introduce hips with 1/4 turn twist to hockey stop
  • Forwards outside edge half circles (large C’s), alternating feet on the short or long axis of the rink
  • Backward C-cuts (1/2 swizzle pumps) on a circle, both directions
  • Full strides using 45 degree v-push with good recovery using alternating arm drive
  • Shuffle stride-explosive powerful alternating heel pushes
  • Hockey Skills: passing, stick-handling, wrist shot and backhand

Phase 4: Curriculum equivalent up to Learn to Skate USA Basic Skills 8 or Hockey 4.

  • All of Phase 1 – 3 elements have been fluent in movement
  • Quick starts using forward v-start
  • Backward one-foot glide, right and left
  • Forward crossovers (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • Backward crossovers (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • Hockey stop (stopping to the left and to the right, with speed)
  • Bonus Skills: Forward to backward mohawk pivots (both directions, right and left) from powerful, full strides

Full Equipment is Required

Equipment List: hockey bag, helmet, neck guard, mouth guard, elbow pads, gloves, shorts (jock/jill), hockey pants, shin pads, hockey socks, skaters, hockey stick, and hockey tape for the stick.

Program Benefits

  • USA Hockey Emphasized Curriculum
  • 1 Free Public Session for practice per week offered Sunday 4:00-5:20pm
  • Hockey skate rental if needed


Contact Joe Voloch at 724-334-4423, or email jvoloch@pittsburghicearena.com for further information

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