Pittsburgh Ice Arena In-House League (NO TRAVEL!)

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Pittsburgh Ice Arena is pleased to announce the revival of our In-House League for the upcoming Fall session! There will be absolutely ZERO travel involved with this league, all practices and games will be held here on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively. In addition to not having to travel, we have and will continue to follow all C.D.C. guidelines along with both PA and Westmoreland County guidelines. We want to provide kids an outlet to play the game they love in an environment that is safe and secure for not only them but for families as well! 

 The goal of the P.I.A. In-House program is to provide opportunities for groups of Mites (8U), Squirts (10U), Pee Wees (12U), and Non-Checking Bantams (14U) to play the great game of hockey in an environment inclusive to learning and development. This league is a fantastic outlet for those who are looking to either take their first steps on their hockey journey at the younger levels or for players at the older levels to touch the ice more often in addition to working and acquiring new skills. 

This league is a “draft-league” in which players will sign up as individuals to then be distributed into teams based upon skill level. There will be two practices prior to the first game for skill assessment.


Age Groups: 8U (Mite), 10U (Squirt), 12U (PeeWee), 14U (Bantam- Non-Checking)

11 games guaranteed (10 regular season and all teams make playoffs)

Each game will feature three 15-minute, running clock periods that will not be stopped unless an injury occurs. A short break will be given between periods.

No Icing

Faceoffs only to begin periods

Offsides results in a no-pressure turnover to the non-offending team

All penalties will result in a penalty shot

Best of 3 shootout (must cycle through bench, if all players have shot then a tie will occur)

*This session will run from September 5th and 6th through December 19th and 20th*

Evaluation Practices: Saturday and Sunday, September 5th and 6th (The evaluation practice times will be the same as the listed practice times)

Team Draft: Tuesday, September 8th

Communication of Teams: Wednesday, September 9th

We’ve created this handy schedule to help everyone make sense of our changes!

Age Level Game Days Practice Days Practice Time Game Time
8U Sundays Saturdays 9:40 to 10:40 9:40 to 10:50
10U Sundays Saturdays 10:50 to 11:50 11:00 to 12:10
12U Sundays Saturdays 12:00 to 1:00 12:20 to 1:30


Skater: $300 ($250 early bird by August 1st)

Goalie: $150 

Mite: $250 ($200 early bird by August 1st)

Mite Goalie: $150

For More Information or Any Questions Contact:

Skyler Smith – skyler@pittsburghicearena.com or (724)-334-4423

– OR –

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