Private Hockey and Skating Lessons

If you are looking for skating or hockey lessons, Pittsburgh Ice Arena has many options!

Skating Lessons

Group Instruction:
Pittsburgh Ice Arena has 6-week learn to skate sessions that run throughout the year.  Our learn to skate sessions are for all ages.  Click here for more information on learn to skate classes.  If you are an adult and are interested in taking an adult-only class, please email us and let us know.  We will be happy to schedule one when we get enough interest.

Private Instruction:
There are several private instructors who give skating lessons to individuals and small groups at Pittsburgh Ice Arena.  Lessons usually take place during public skating sessions, and rental skates are available for all public sessions.  We also have a pro shop in our facility that sells skates and other equipment.  All instructors are independent contractors and will have different experience and different prices.  Click here for a list of approved instructors and their contact information.  If you already have a coach you would like to work with, please have them contact us in order to get approved to work at Pittsburgh Ice Arena.

Instructors who teach at Pittsburgh Ice Arena must be approved by the arena, and carry their own insurance.  If you are an instructor who would like to work out of Pittsburgh Ice Arena, click here for more information on how to get approved to work in our building.

Hockey Lessons

Group Instruction:
For children, we have the Rink Rats program that meets every Sunday.  These are 6-week programs that run throughout the year and provide basic skill work and fun!  Click here for more information on our Rink Rats program.  Players must have successfully completed basic 1 skating class before enrolling in Rink Rats.

For Adults, we occasionally run an adult learn to play program, but we don’t have a regular schedule of clinics.  If you are interested in joining an adult learn to play program, please send us an email indicating your interest, and we will let you know when we schedule a clinic.

Adults can also join our adult hockey E league, which has many new players.  Click here for more information on our adult leagues.  If you would like to get some practice in before joining a league, we recommend that you participate in some private lessons (if there isn’t an adult clinic scheduled).  See our list of approved instructors here.

Private Instruction:
We have several approved hockey instructors that give lessons at our facility.  Most lessons take place during stick time sessions.   Private instructors are independent contractors who set their own hours and prices.  To see a list of private instructors, click here.