Pittsburgh Ice Arena Covid-19 Policy

Pittsburgh Ice Arena takes the safety and security of its customers and employees quite seriously. In an effort to continue providing opportunities for those who would like to get back on the ice we ask that you read and comply with the following guidelines…

We sincerely ask that you adhere to these guidelines and keep in mind that the foundation of any sport is teamwork and camaraderie…we as individuals must do our part, even away from the rink, to help ensure the health and safety of our friends, our families, and the friends and families of those we may not even know! Please remember that “In Unity There Is Strength”

These guidelines are subject to change. Local, State, and Federal Guidelines take all precedent.

If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines please contact: John Desmond – john.desmond@pittsburghicearena.com or (724)-334-4423 ext. 100